key tips and items to starting your first business!

Hi everyone! I am sharing A LOT of my juicy tips and secrets to starting your first business! Please leave a comment if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: These are the steps/tools I used to start my business.. you are not obligated to follow the same path as me. Follow this guide/purchase these items at your own will/risk :)

Setting up your business

1. A website service!
You're going to need a website service to run your business through so customers can purchase your items. I use Shopify, but there are other options such as Wix. Shopify gives you the most bang for your buck. You get high quality analytics and so many extra tools to really propel your business forward. 

2. Money
This one is a touchy subject!
You do not need $1,000 to start your business. In fact, It cost me ~$350 to get everything up and running. You might be thinking "I don't have $350 to invest!"... I did not drop $350 at one time... I first started with opening my Shopify store. Since it was not ready to be released officially, I paid about $12-15/month to put it on hold/pause. Then I purchased/reserved my domain. Next, I purchased my LLC and registered my business for Sales and Use Tax shortly after. All of this happened over the course of a month and a half. So there were multiple paychecks I received in that time to cover all costs. 

Investing in your business is a big risk, but it reaps great benefits in the end!

3. A business license/Sales and Use Tax license

Most vendor websites will REQUIRE an account and a business license to even look at their products. In order to purchase items/be verified, you will need to provide an invoice. Again, you're probably thinking "where do I get an invoice if I have never shopped with a vendor before??". You will need to search for a vendor on the site that offers no minimum quantity or no minimum purchase and their items can be shopped without a license. This is not difficult. In the account section there is a list of vendors that don't require a verified account to shop.

*Note: your account is considered verified once it has an approved business license and an approved invoice*

If you want to sell items legally in your state and have your customers pay tax on them, you will need to compete sales/use tax forms for your state.

Items you'll need to ship your first item!

1.Avery Shipping Labels 
These are my holy grail! I don't have to handwrite any names or addresses and risk misspelling the customer's information. It is pulled straight from Shopify!


2.Bubble mailers
These are my second holy grail lol. I use these for my smaller items (necklaces/hair clips). Sometimes I'm able to put my clothes in them if it can be folded neatly. 


3.Package scale
You want to be able to measure how much your package weighs before you ship it out! This scale is perfect for doing just that! and it's on sale for $16 (as of 4/22)/


4. Printer
I use this specific HP printer and I got it my freshman year of college and it has NOT let me down yet! The one attached is the exact model, but I dont remember how much I paid (sorry) 
*don't forget the ink! this printer uses 61*

link for printer:
link for ink:

5. Thank you cards & business cards
You NEED to include these two items in every package you ship! It shows your appreciation for your customer as well as allows them to save your information or hand it off to someone else!

link for business cards:
link for thank you cards:

I designed my cards using a template I got from etsy for $8

This is where I started! If I missed anything I'll be sure to add it! Thanks for reading! 
Any questions please leave below or feel free to DM us on Instagram @leslieandco__



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